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AP World History Summer Assignment 2017

AP World History Summer Assignment 

Welcome to AP World History, I look forward to a great year with you. You do NOT need to check out a book to complete the following assignments. These assignments will assist in building your fundamental knowledge of World History and are intended to lay the foundation for the first unit and subsequent material covered during the course of the year.  

For many of you, this is your first AP class. To be successful, you will need to stay focused and work hard. You should be prepared to spend four to six hours a week outside of class on AP World History. If this does not seem realistic for your schedule, then you may want to reconsider taking this course. During the school year we will explore 10,000 years of human history, learn valuable skills, and take the AP World History Exam in May. This is an exciting class that will allow us to look at the big picture of history, trace cultures over time, and examine human interactions.   

The purpose of this summer assignment is to get a jump start on the curriculum.

This summer assignment is due the first day of school – September 5, 2017.

Late assignments will not be accepted. It is important that you show that you are capable of successfully completing this independent assignment in the time allotted. This gives a very clear picture of your ability to handle the college-level course load you will experience throughout the year. The only exception will be those students that enrolled new to our school after the year starts. Anyone that registered prior to that date will be expected to have the assignment completed by the first day of school.

I will be available by email during the summer but please do not expect an immediate response; it may take a few days. Good luck and see you in September!  

Mr. Reisner

Email: reisner_m@fairfieldcityschools.com


 * The assignment is in the file below.