Seniors : You can Include Senior Photos in the Yearbook! Here's How! Yearbook Photos News - Please Read!

Seniors may turn in a senior photo to be used in place of their Lifetouch photo for the yearbook. We have extended the date for submission to February 5, 2021. Photos must meet all of the requirements listed below or your Lifetouch image will be used.
  • Headshot (waist up)
  • No advertising/photographer names on photos
  • Simple background
  • Color images only
  • No selfies
  • No props
  • No screenshots. All images must be the original from the photographer.
  • We cannot use a file name that ends in .PNG.
  • File format should be last name_first name.jpg
  • Photos should be a high-resolution image. Low-quality images cannot be printed.
Did you know that most photographers will email your photo to us for you? Check with yours to see if they will! 
Where to send:
Questions? Please email Mrs. Montgomery: