Fairfield Food Pantry, Shared Harvest Partner with Fairfield High School Food Closet

The food closet was started by senior Madi Dunn, also a member of the National Honor Society, out of concern for classmates who were coming to school hungry. Food Pantry Trustee and founder Howard Dirksen, using his experience working with other food pantries, met with Madi, Principal William Rice, and Tina Osso of Shared Harvest to work out a viable plan to help. As a result of that meeting, the food pantry will now be the 501c3 supplier of boxes of food from Shared Harvest to the school. Fundraisers and donations received by the National Honor Society will be used to purchase goods for this project. 
"It is felt that this will be a win-win venture for both the Fairfield Food Pantry and the Fairfield High School Food Closet beginning this school year and for years to come," said pantry Trustee Judy Dirksen.
Pictured visiting the Food Closet are Fairfield Food Pantry Trustees Bill Woeste, Wayne Krieghoff, Becca Desai, Larry Abbott, Judy Dirksen and Gerry Betsch; Sarah Ormbrek of Shared Harvest; and Fairfield High School National Honor Society board members Natalie Barrett, Sydney Westerbeck, Emma Snyder, Madi Flick (kneeling), Vanessa Veak and Madi Dunn (both in front).
For events and how to help in the Fairfield Community, visit www.fairfieldfoodpantry.org.