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Scheduling Information


          Scheduling Information for the 2019-2020 School Year


Dear Parent/Guardian,

This letter is to introduce you to the process for scheduling for the 2019-2020 school year. All courses and course descriptions are available for your reference in the Program of Studies at



Important information that you need to know when you review your child’s transcript and scheduling form:

     *Students must earn 20.5 credits and earn 18 points on the End of Course Assessments.

     *Full-time seniors must schedule a minimum of five classes per day throughout the school year.
     *Full-time underclassmen must schedule a minimum of six classes per day throughout the school year.
     *Students are encouraged to achieve a balance of academic and elective courses; careful consideration should be given to the demands of homework and study time.
     *Graduation with Honors and Ohio Diploma with Honors criteria can be found in the Program of Studies.


 The general calendar for scheduling at the Fairfield Senior High School will be as follows:



     *Teacher Recommendation Day—Thursday, January 17th
     (Courses and course descriptions can be found in the Program of Studies.)
          -Students will receive a scheduling form and their current transcript from their homeroom teacher.
          -Students will take their scheduling form and transcript to all academic classes that day.
          -Teachers will discuss course offerings, meet with individual students, and initial the scheduling form with their recommendations.
          -Students will turn in one copy of the scheduling form to their 7th period teacher and take the other copy home to be reviewed and signed by their parent/guardian.


     *Students will return their signed scheduling form to their receiving teacher on Wednesday, January 23rd.  



     *Counselors will meet with students beginning Monday, February 4th .
     *Students who are absent on the day of their meeting will be called down on identified makeup days by the end of the month.



     *Senior high counselors will travel to the Freshman School to schedule students for their 10th grade year.
     *March 28th—Parent Conferences: Parents can schedule to meet with counselors, teachers, and department chairpersons to review student course selections and plans for next school year.
     *All meetings for any student interested in CCP (College Credit Plus) on a college campus must be held by the end of this month. If a student is interested in taking a CCP course on a college campus, they must turn in a letter of intent by March 29th.  This form must be turned in even if a student was previously enrolled.



     *The last day for students to change course requests for Fall 2019 is May 23, 2019. Any changes after this time requires the process described under Schedule Changes and Class Enrollment found in the Program of Studies.


We look forward to working with you and your student as they plan for next year and beyond!

~FHS Administration and Guidance Department