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Students and staff visit our Media Center for many reasons each and every day. Some come to use our resources to research a topic, write paper, or even locate an article on a current event. Others come in looking for help locating a book their friend has told them about, or maybe what new titles have been added recently. We also have students and staff who come to the media center to view the student projects displayed proudly throughout the room. And of course we always have those students who come to the media center to find a quiet place to work and read. Come visit us and find your reason for enjoying the media center!
INFOhio, is the state’s “virtual” library and information network for all PreK-12 Ohio schools. It’s easy to use. If you can “point and click,” you can tap into a host of electronic resources that are age-appropriate, curriculum-related, librarian-tested and teacher-approved. The information you retrieve will be useful and accurate instead of “surfing the Web” finding large quantities of unverified information. The 14 available databases include newspapers from Ohio and around the world, thousands of full-text magazines geared to the curriculum, biographies, language arts, math, science, technology, social studies, foreign languages and more.
It’s free. There is no charge to use the service.
It’s always there. Before school. During school. In the evenings. On the weekends. INFOhio is available 24/7. The INFOhio library is never closed.
What do you need to get started? All you need is a computer with Internet access and a username and password, which is available from your school librarian.
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