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Changes and Class Enrollment

Students are requested to consider carefully the selection of courses and consult with parents, teachers, and counselors as an individual schedule is developed.
Some courses may not be offered because of insufficient enrollment. Minimum class size is fifteen (15) pupils.
It is important that students listen to announcements after scheduling is completed to hear if changes will be made in course offerings. In grades 10-12, students will be allowed to change course requests up to the last full day of attendance in June by meeting with the counselor.
After the last day of school, all schedule changes need to be handled according to the following procedure:
Schedule changes will be made only if there is a serious reason to do so. A dislike for a course and/or a teacher, or a desire to be with friends, is not sufficient reason for making a schedule change. If a schedule change is desired, students and parents should discuss the possible change with a counselor. Students must complete the appropriate schedule change request form (found in the Guidance Office or on the high school website). The counselor and/or principal will make the final decision on any requested change. Any schedule changes made after the 20th day of school will result in a failing grade in the course that is dropped.