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Choosing Courses


A prerequisite is a previous course that needs to be successfully completed before the student can enroll in the described course.

Parents and students should consult flow charts at the beginning of some specific sections to determine course prerequisites and suggested sequences. Students and parents should ALSO pay serious attention to teacher recommendations for future courses and appropriate levels of courses.

The fees listed in this book are reviewed and approved by the Fairfield Board of Education each spring. Fees are used for lab supplies, art supplies, workbooks, and other consumable materials used in the class. Fees are not used for books or other materials that will be reused by other students.

Note: Parents who meet federal income guidelines will qualify for partial or complete forgiveness of school fees, including academic fees, club participation fees, and athletic participation fees. To apply, fill out the Free and Reduced Price School Meals Family Application and a School Fee Waiver Form, which are available in the school office. These forms, with required evidence of income, may be turned in at the school office.

If no level is indicated, the course is open to all students.

If you have any questions, please contact your student’s high school guidance