End of Course Exams April 15-18

The week of April 15-18 is End of Course Exam testing. There is a different bell schedule - bit.ly/EOCspring19bellschedule (casesensitive). All students who are testing are expected to be at school at 8 a.m. and stay for the entire school day. On days students are not testing, they can arrive once testing is completed. If students must arrive at 8 a.m. and they are not testing, they will be in the Cafeteria for a prolonged Study Hall. Once testing is completed each day, students are expected to remain at school for the remainder of the school day. Students can find out which test(s) they're taking on which day(s) on Wednesday 4/10 - Friday 4/12 by talking to their teachers. If they have questions about the testing schedule they are given, they should talk to their Counselor before the end of the day on Friday 4/12. Please visit bit.ly/EOCspringPlaybook19 for more information and fill out this form: bit.ly/springEOCquestions19. Thank you for ensuring your student(s) is prepared for their spring testing!thanks