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Important Immunization Verification Info for FHS Seniors & Parents

If you were notified on April 15, 2016 that your incoming 12th grader did not have the required meningococcal immunization and you have not yet provided proof that the immunization was received, you will soon receive another letter explaining that your child will be excluded from school until the immunization and verification process is complete. The exclusion will be effective September 30, 2016 (Read more)...

Urgent Letter to Parents of Students Entering 12th Grade

The Ohio Department of Health has an immunization requirement for all students entering the 12th grade. All 12th grade students will now be required to have a meningococcal immunization prior to entering 12th grade. If your child has NOT received the required immunization...

Revisit FHS History - Check out Yearbooks from 1949-1954!

Yearbooks from the classes of 1949-1954 have been scanned and are available for viewing. To see one, click the link above and download from the file list! More editions are coming! Special thanks to FCSD staff members Darlene Feldmann and Michael Albrecht for scanning these editions!

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