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FHS Journalism Class Keeping Busy! Featured Photo

FHS Journalism Class Keeping Busy!

The Fairfield High School journalism class has been busy of late. Click the headline above to learn more about the holiday sale this weekend at the FHS bookstore, and a recent visit from motivational speaker David Flood. Nice work to all! Enjoy!

FHS Senior Yearbook Photos 2018-2019

Seniors may turn in a senior photo to be used in place of their Lifetouch photo in the yearbook. All photos are due by February 15, 2019. Photos must meet all of the requirements listed below or your Lifetouch image will be used. We cannot crop or alter images for you. Requirements: -Head shot (waist up) -Portrait orientation (up and down) -No advertising/photographer names on photos -Simple background -Color images only -No selfies -No props -Hands should be down and not around your face -No screen shots. All images must be the original from the photographer. Most photographers will email your photo to us for you! Photos should be a high resolution image.Low quality images cannot be printed. We cannot accept a screenshot (files that end in .png). File format should be: lastname_firstname.jpg. Digital images should be emailed to: 19yearbookfhs@gmail.com. When you email, please include: your name, senior photo as the subject. Questions? Please email Mrs. Montgomery at: montgomery_m@fairfieldcityschools.com.

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