FCSD Board President Proclaims May as Safe Prom & Graduation Month

Michael Berding, President of the Fairfield Board of Education, visited Fairfield High School today, May 6, to promote safe, healthy and drug-and alcohol-free prom and graduation celebrations. Fairfield's prom is May 11 and graduation is May 25. Mr. Berding read the following proclamation to kick off May as Safe Prom and Graduation Month:

"Prom and Graduation are the most celebrated times in
a student’s high school career, and sometimes results in unsafe choices and unexpected consequences

As adults we have the authority and as students you have the responsibility to classmates to provide them with alternative opportunities to celebrate

As a community we enforce the laws that protect your health and safety. As a school we educate you on these laws while providing you with the opportunity to develop alternative, healthy options.

This is a wonderful time of year, when all the community comes together to recognize achievement! The Fairfield City School District, in partnership with the, Fairfield Prevention Youth Coalition recognizes and encourages all community partners in providing a safe environment for youth to celebrate their successes

The Board of Education of the Fairfield City School District, County of Butler and State of Ohio, joins with Fairfield City and Fairfield Township in proclaiming the month of May “Safe Prom and Graduation” month. Celebrating all our students as they continue to take the necessary steps to discourage illegal and unhealthy behaviors."