Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements:
The Fairfield Board of Education requires that the standards for graduation meet the minimum standards of the Ohio Department of Education and that our high school will compare favorably with high schools recognized for excellence in the state.
The minimum requirements for graduation from high school are as follows:
English - 4 units of credit
Social Studies - 3 units of credit
Science - 3 units of credit
Mathematics - 4 units of credit
Fine Arts - 1 unit of credit
Health - 1/2 unit of credit
Physical Education - 1/2 unit of credit
Pathways to Your Future - 1/2 unit of credit
Electives - 4 units of credit                         
Total: 20 1/2 units of credit
Amended Substitute Senate Bill 310 requires for graduation from every public high school in relationship to the above list:
  • One unit of Algebra II or the equivalent of Algebra II
  • Science units, which reflect inquiry-based laboratory experiences that engage students, including one unit of physical science, one unit of biology, and advanced study in one or more of the following sciences:
-Chemistry, physics, or other physical science
-Advanced biology or other life science
-Physical geology or other earth or space science
  • One-half unit of American History and one-half unit of American government (Fairfield City School District will continue to require one unit in American studies, one unit in world studies, and one unit in American government)
  • The integration of economic and financial literacy academic content standards in social studies or other courses
  • One sequence of any combination of world language, fine arts, business, career-technical education, family and consumer sciences, technology, agricultural education or English language arts, mathematics, science, or social studies courses not otherwise required for a total of five units
Summer School credits will be accepted toward graduation, provided that counselor approval has been given prior to registration for the course. 
Credits obtained through the successful completion of a credit flexibility plan approved by the Fairfield City School District will be accepted toward graduation. Read more by selecting the document below.