Program of Studies


The Program of Studies will help students and parents plan high school courses.  This is not a process that should be taken lightly or done in a rushed fashion.  The courses you take in high school will provide you with the skills and understanding necessary to become a well-educated person, and they will provide the foundation for life beyond high school.  In addition to planning a schedule for next year, you should draft a plan for all four years of high school.  This draft will help you to see how the courses you take each year will prepare you to graduate from high school, college, and career-ready.

At both Fairfield Freshman School and Fairfield High School, the academic day is divided into seven class periods.  Each period is approximately 45 minutes in length.  Most courses are 36 weeks in length (two semesters) and are worth one credit.  Some courses, such as Health and a few electives, are 18 weeks long and are worth one-half credit.  Physical Education is an 18-week course, but by Ohio law, it is only worth one-fourth credit.

A study period (study hall) can be scheduled in place of a class if parents agree that this is in the student’s best interest or if schedule conflicts make it impossible for a student to take a needed course.  The school tries hard to avoid schedule conflicts, but they do occur.  Planning ahead can help to minimize the chance of schedule conflicts.

School Counselors

Developing an appropriate schedule is the shared responsibility of the home and the school.  Students and parents can seek guidance and assistance from teachers and counselors.  School counselors are helpful in advising families on topics such as preparation for college, identifying and preparing for other post-high school options, meeting NCAA course requirements for playing college sports, meeting the requirements for a high school vocational program, and selecting an appropriate list of courses for desired careers.  No question is too simple.  All questions can be directed to counselors, who welcome the opportunity to share information with students and parents.
The student’s last name determines the school counselor:

Fairfield Freshman School:
Mrs. Jessica Neal (A-L)
Mrs. Nicole Climer (M-Z)

Fairfield High School:
Mr. Zach Yates - A-B & Academy
Mrs. Tracy Ashford - C-F 
Ms. Kayla Rodgers - G-I & Butler Tech
Ms. DeAnna Owens Nelson - L-M 
Ms. Amanda Schur - P-Sd 
Ms. Heather Braun - Sp- Z
Mrs. Caroline Haynes - J, K, N, O & Se-So
Fairfield Academy:
Chrissy Zboril - Director