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Improve Writing Scores on the Ohio Graduation Test.

This task shall be completed by assembling all 10th grade and 11th grade intermediate teachers for an in-service workshop that will allow the OGT team to collaborate, research, and compile strategies in order to formulate a plan of attack for the 2008 Spring testing. Currently, the plan has been formulated and currently is being implemented. 2008 scores will be compared to the 2007 results to measure the efficaciousness of our strategy. The English department will revisit this issue next fall.

Send A.P. and Pre-A.P. teachers to training that need it.

The A.P. and Pre-A.P teachers were formed into a team and all attended training in October.

Align A.P. program 2nd semester.

The AP team collaborated on a plan for the 2008-2009 school year using the knowledge gained from the training received in October. This resulted in a restructuring of the approach to the schools Advanced Placement philosophy. This new approach consists of a new summer reading assignment and shift in class focus.

Encourage more students to take the A.P. exam. 28/75 - see attachment.

The AP program will expand for the 2008-2009 school year. Fairfield will offer two types of A.P. English instead of only one. A.P. Language and Composition will be added to the curriculum along with the current A.P. Literature and Composition. Also, with a change in the summer reading assignment- which aligns with the CollegeBoard training- we believe the AP Program will be more attractive to more students. Increased numbers will increase test takers. Furthermore, a survey will be conducted this year to ascertain the reasoning behind the low percentage.