Timely Announcements and Resources for Students and Families

We know that this is an unsettling time, but we are hoping that this page can be another resource for you as we get through this time of uncertainty...TOGETHER!  Check out the Healthy at Home Guide for tips to stay healthy at home.  If you have specific questions, please contact your school counselor directly.
        Student's                     Counselor                        Contact Information                                   Remind Accounts
       Last Name                                                                                                                       (Specific to the First Letter
                                                                                                                                                   of Student's Last Name)

A - B

Mr. Zachary Yates 


513-942-2999, ext. 2651

Class of 2021 @9d2cfge

Class of 2022 @yatesab

Class of 2023 @eb72gh

C - F

Mrs. Tracy Ashford 


513-942-2999, 2516

Class of 2021 @e8eb79

Class of 2022 @f2993h

Class of 2023 @3ahk7dd

G - I

Mrs. Melissa Salyer 


513-942-2999, ext. 2613

Class of 2021 @g83k8a4

Class of 2022 @3a839g

Class of 2023 @geeb8h

Butler Tech/Fairfield @8d272gh

J, K, N, O, Se - So

Mrs. Caroline Haynes


513-942-2999, ext. 2584

Class of 2021 @k438dh

Class of 2022 @d892kf

Class of 2023 @e9a6k6

L - M

Ms. Deanna Owens 


513-942-2999, ext. 2598

Class of 2021 @dbh447

Class of 2022 @kc22g79

Class of 2023 @bkfk4e

P - Sd

Ms. Amanda Schur 


513-942-2999, ext. 2617

Class of 2021 @66deh2

Class of 2022 @2gkg48

Class of 2023 @8664482

Sp - Z

Ms. Heather Braun 


513-942-2999, ext. 2524

Class of 2021 @ccbk7f

Class of 2022 @ckh3b7dc

Class of 2023 @e869gg

Counseling Secretary

Mrs. Nancy Clark


513-942-2999, ext. 2504

Contact for ProgressBook

username and passwords,

general information, etc.

Stay healthy and safe!
FHS Counseling Department
All Students and Parents
Students: If you have been quarantined and need to speak to your counselor, you can do so through email, phone call, or by using the following link: Bit.ly/FHSCounselorSignUp. After you fill out the form, your counselor will be in touch as soon as possible. Take care!
The Counseling Department is now connected to Google Classroom!  Schedule a virtual meeting with your school counselor, view virtual college admissions events, utilize self-care tips and resources, and much more! 
Join us at Class Code: cmil6wm
The Counseling Department is also connected to Remind! Please be sure to join the "class" of your counselor, as well as for your graduating class!
*Counselors have been in the process of meeting to discuss your college and/or career plans. There are options for students to meet in person, or virtually through Zoom. In the meantime, check Google Classrooms and Naviance for additional resources.
*The Junior Info document is attached to assist students in preparing for their senior year.
Sophomores and Juniors 
*Now is a great time to get familiar with Naviance and all of the features it offers, including exploring career possibilities and researching colleges.  Please refer to the attached Naviance Student Recommended Assignments document to learn how to access career interest inventories, personality and strengths assessments, and more!