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EOC Course Credit Flex

Credit Flexibility
EOC Scores for Course Credit
Effective in the 2020-2021 School Year
Through the use of Credit Flexibility, Test Out Option, students will have the ability to use their EOC passing scores (3-5) to show mastery of the standards within an EOC tested area. This would apply to students who have failed a course, but have shown mastery on the EOC within one of the following courses:  Algebra I, Geometry, ELA II, American History, American Government, and Biology.   
Students who receive a failing grade in one of the tested areas will be able to use the score from their EOC assessment, if it is a score of 3 or higher, to earn credit.
It is important to note, all students will receive the course grade on their transcript and the failing grade averaged into their GPA.
Students will earn a grade based on their EOC score, this grade will be on their transcript and will also be averaged into their GPA.

EOC Performance Score

Grade Equivalent

Grade Percentage














Student transcripts would look like:
    Geometry - F - 0 Credit
    Geometry - C - 1 Credit (this would be a score of 3 on the EOC assessment)  
    Biology - F - 0 Credit
    Biology - 4 - 1 Credit (this would be a score of 4 on the EOC assessment)

The high school will compile the names of students who have failed an EOC tested area.  When the EOC scores come out (February for fall testing and the end of June for spring testing) the list of failures within the courses will be compared to the students who have taken the EOC.