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Offers information about Butler Tech adult education programs after high school.  
Convenient, flexible, hands-on training custom- designed for students and professionals – and the companies looking to hire them. Includes apprenticeships, health technology, industrial maintenance technology, and more.
Offers more than a dozen programs for adults who want to train for a new career.  
 The Greater Cincinnati Apprenticeship Council (GCAC) is an organization of union building trade apprenticeship program directors.  Apprenticeships are the gateway to many career opportunities that offer virtually unlimited advancement.
The Apollo Apprenticeship Program trains men and women who want job security in the growing HVAC, plumbing and electrical industries.
The Elite Welding Academy provides a 26 week career-focused, hands on program in Structural and Pipe Welding.
Manufacturing today is more diverse, exciting and alive than ever before, full of good-paying jobs with solid benefits and room to grow. This site has been created to help you find information about manufacturing careers. Regardless of your level of education or where you are in your career, they have the resources you need to get to know the new world of manufacturing—including information about pay, job types, functions, career paths, educational requirements and much more.
Take the guided tour, then set up an account and a backpack so you can save your career interests, job searches, resume, future budget, and more. 
Construction apprenticeships are a full-time job and college-level education rolled into one program! To earn while you learn as a construction apprentice, take time to learn about the trade you are interested in, them submit your information to learn more about becoming an apprentice. This site is a one-stop resource for you to connect with the program of your choice.
Barber Schools
Beauty Schools and Cosmetology Programs
The Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools (OACCS) is a statewide association of voluntary membership for non-public, post-secondary private schools, and colleges. Ohio has over 275 registered career colleges and schools that are dedicated to preparing students for jobs and careers through certificate, diploma, and degree programs.
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